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Top Geyser Repair and Installation Service in Thane
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Top Geyser Repair and Installation Service in Thane

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Top Geyser Repair and Installation Service in Thane

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Geyser Repair and Installation Services

A Geyser is one of those electrical appliances that are found in almost every household. The function of a geyser is to provide warm water for several domestic purposes from a bath, cleaning and in the kitchen. These water heaters are also used in commercial space including hospitals and workshops, etc. Depending on the type of water input, soft, hard or both, the geyser’s components are designed accordingly to withstand these conditions. With the advancing technology contemporary geyser comes in various varieties. One can choose from an electrical geyser, gas geyser, anti-bacterial filter geyser, energy-saving geyser, high-safety geyser, remote-controlled. And depending upon water uses one can also choose from geyser capacity and size to cater to required needs. Being an electrical appliance it requires periodic repair and service for optimum use and output. At Domov Services you can get professional geyser repair service. Team Domov’s top priority is to offer the best water heater repair services at the best reasonable rate.

Why Hire Domov Services?

In a word where time is given utmost important, Team Domov has designed a network where we cater to our clients within 60 mins. On-time service delivery, transparent prices, service warranty and highly experienced professional make Domov Services the best geyser repair services provider in town.

Hiring Guide:-

You can hire us in two easy steps, by booking through our website or by just calling or texting us on Whatsapp.

Post Booking:-

  • A confirmation call from Team Domov.

  • The final call from assigned geyser repair technician to discuss the services in detail.

  • Timely visit with the best equipment.

  • Pay via Cash or Paytm.

Types of Geyser Repair and Installation Services:-

  • Geyser Water Overheating

  • Geyser Making Noise

  • Geyser Leaking Water

  • Low or Poor Hot Water

  • Geyser Installation​

  • Geyser Element change

Frequently Asked Questions:-

How can the geyser water heater repairing service benefit me?

Every electrical appliance requires at least one service repairing a year. It is recommended for optimum output any electrical appliances like AC, refrigerator, Washing Machine, Electric Geyser, etc, used at home. Opting for Geyser repair and servicing can save you from the uncertain breakdown of your Geyser Water Heater.

Does Geyser Water  Heater repairing service provider give service at home?

Yes, the technician from Domov Services will visit your given address as per the schedule fixed by you. The technician will be the best professional technician, who’s background is checked and verified by our Team Domov. The technician will arrive on-time with all the necessary tools and equipment required for the Geyser repair and servicing.

How long will it take to fix a geyser?

Duration for Geyser servicing depends on what issue is the Geyser facing. At first, the reason for malfunctioning or breakdown is found. On average, it takes 45 minutes for repair and servicing. Installation and uninstallation of Geyser can take around 60 minutes. However, our professionals are trained to work in a quick and efficient manner.

What if the warranty on my geyser water heater gets expired?

On the expiry of your geyser warranty, what you can do is that you can call the authorized service center of the company from which you have bought your Geyser. They will offer you certain packages for the renewal of your warranty period. You can opt one of those packages or you can directly call any professional like Domov Services, we can offer you the best services at a reasonable rate. Domov Services has also very exclusive and the best AMC packages that anyone else can ever offer.

How much does it cost to fix a geyser water heater?

The cost of Geyser repairing and service totally depends on the type of service required. It also heavily depends on the complexity and labor requirement. Cost replacement of heating element and thermostat is higher than the cost of replacing a connecting pipe. However every professional charges around Rs150 for visit and inspection. The cost of geyser installation starts from Rs249. The exact cost for any service is told after the inspection done by the professionals.

How do to fix geyser thermostat?

Whenever you find your Geyser’s thermostat is not functioning properly. Immediately call a professional to inspect and replace the thermostat. It is important to change the malfunctioning thermostat because it can lead the Geyser to heat the water to a very dangerous level.

How to find out the thermostat is not functioning properly?

The thermostat is used to regulate the temperature of the water. A faulty thermostat results in dangerous overheating of water or it can result in conditions where water is not getting heated at all. If you come across any of the above issues, presumably your thermostat is malfunctioning.

Why is my water heater not producing hot water?

A faulty thermostat is a primary reason for this issue. It is the thermostat that regulates the water temperature. There can be other reasons too like electrical supply and heating element. Thus if you come across this issue it is recommended to call the professionals.

Why is the water inside the geyser cool and not hot enough?

Primarily, the reason can be that the thermostat is set to low temperature because of which water does not get hot enough. Or else the thermostat is not functioning properly. In such a case you need to call the professionals to inspect and change the thermostat.

Why is my geyser producing excessive hot water?

There are three reasons for this issue.

  • Incorrect installation of pressure valve, or

  • High temperature set on the thermostat, or

  • Faulty thermostat

Thus it is recommended to call a professional who can inspect and fix the issue.

What are the reasons behind low hot water pressure?

Gradually with time due to sedimentation of salt and minerals gets built up in the water pipes. This prevents the flow of water through it. However, rust and corrosion can also built-up, leads, to blockage of the pipe.

Why is my geyser making noise?

Usually, you can hear pops, gurgles and bang noise coming from the geyser water heater. These sounds are due to salt and mineral deposition that is formed at the bottom of the water heater. You could also come across water boiling sound. You do not have to worry until you hear a loud noise. If by any chance you hear loud sound or noise, it indicates that the tank needs to get cleaned instantly.

Why is water leaking from my electric geyser water heater?

There can be multiple reasons behind the issue:-​​

  • corrosion of connecting pipe

  • corrosion of water tank

  • poor plumbing

  • over-heating

  • leaking valve

  • high pressure built-up

Why is the water from the faucet or nozzle coming out with a brown, red or yellow tint in it?

It is the result of corrosion inside the water tank or the pipe in the house.

Why is the water coming from geyser water heater smells like a rotten egg?

The formation of bacteria inside the water tank makes the water smell like a rotten egg. This happens because the anode rod is contained. To fix this issue you need to change or replace the rod.

Why is it necessary to flush the water heater at least once a year?

  • To avoid the loss of hot water pressure,

  • To prolong the life of your geyser water heater,

  • To reduce the electric bill

Are there any warning signs to look out for that may indicate that the geyser is about to burst?

There are certain signs which indicate that the geyser is about to burst:-

  • When you hear a loud rumbling sound

  • Steam coming out as soon as you open the tap

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